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So today I texted the guy that I have been talking to for awhile if he still interested in me because it seem for a while has been distance and from word of a friend he did not know if he wanted to be more than friends or just friends and the reason because of his past relationship with his mother of his child. When my friend told me he wasn't sure what he wanted that was week ago maybe two. So have been waiting to see if he will bring it up, and still hasn't so today I had the courage to text him this "Hey, I know you have a lot of things going on in your life and I understand, but from my end I have to know if you are still interested in me and taking things slow, have to know where we stand with all of this. and reply back saying "He is picking up his son and so he will get at me later" and now I'm nervous because he doesn't like why can't just text it so I can get it over with and instead waiting for him to tell me bad news I know he has his son I understand but if he doesn't like me he could just me text that right then. I just need advice what to do should I just delete his number since it pretty looks like he going to tell me he is not interested in me.


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  • Don't be so quick to call it off. He has a lot going on in life right now as you said. If you pressure him to choose it will go bad , it doesn't sound like he has lost interest in you , but he doesn't want to drag you in to what he feels is a mess. That in my opinion is very respectable to not make you go through his problems with him. Be patient he will give you an answer. If you choose not to wait then you must do what you feel is best


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  • So he has a son. And no wife. And you want to be with him. God damn! If you're getting upset about this give up from now. But you are right about the bad news. You're gonna hear bad news. Just move on and be with someone ''in your age'' without kids.

  • you should do nothing


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