He called to apologise for his texting behavior?

I sent him a Facebook message saying I'm a bit bored waiting for the electrician to finish work and telling him how my day has been and he just said 'I;m out with friends, going to a different club now' So, I said 'Oh okay :)'

So he called me immediately to apologise and say that he's just a bit busy with all his friends being drunk and all, apologised for his texting being poor at the moment, and he said i could come down if I wanted to.

I guess that's good right? Considerate maybe?

Things were a bit shaky for the past two weeks so I was wondering if you guys think this is a good sign, so he doesn't just want to let me go. We've been dating for two months but after we had a fight two weeks ago he seemed a bit distant :)
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  • If things have been shaky between you two the past few weeks, he's probably being extra careful with what he says.

    While entirely harmless, what he wrote could be taken as "gtfo, bitch, I'm hanging with my bros" by someone, who's been on edge or upset with him. That's why he decided to clear things up instead of leaving you completely hanging.

    I personally have absolutely no idea what two people that have been dating for a measly 2 months could possibly be fighting about. That is waaaaaay too early to be having couple fights.


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