I can't stop thinking about him. What should my next move be?

Is it sad that everytime I receive a message I hope it's from him? Whenever I log onto my dating profile I hope that he'll stumble across my page again. I sound so pathetic lol the last time I texted him was on Sunday and since then he hasn't bothered. Prior to this we went a week without talking and things haven't really picked up, for whatever reason. He seems happy to hear from me each time, since we've reconnected he's initiated contact once. In the beginning he would call and text a lot, but it slowly died down the more we got to know each other (this happened mutually).

I really miss talking to him, I'm not sure if my pride is getting in the way or if I should just leave it be and move on. I mean he would have been in contact if he wanted to talk right?

I'm trying to get to know other people as you do, but in the back of my mind I just want him or closure at least.


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  • On the flip side.. What if he wants to hear from you? But is afraid to come off as coming to strong, or thinking he is bothering you or that you are busy?

    If I don't text the girl I like its because of those reasons.. We guys also want to hear from you every now and then at least.. Makes us see we crossed through your mind


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  • Do what you think you should do.


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  • Next move? Grow up.

    • I came here to ask for advice and you respond with this. Honestly if you have nothing relevant to say, then you should refrain from responding.

    • In this website you give opinions with the intention of advice. It's not raw advice. Not all solutions are clear. Read some Plato or Aristotle and you'll learn how to easily answer to your questions my dear.

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