Now what? How do I get him to approach me?

Okay I've been asking a lot of question lately, sorry about that. And all the answers has been he likes you. I don't want to be too comfident about that. He has tricked me before. However things has changed since he rejected me.
The things he does is:
-Stare, all the time. The distance between us and how good and how bad I look doesn't matter. If I sit next to him he will stare at some point.
-He listens to me.
- Don't talk to me.
- Out of nowhere he wanted to hug me. He have never hugged me before.
- His body is often turn towards me.
- He seem insecure about approaching me.
- Looks at me when something funny happens.

Do you people think he might like me? I'm not going to aproach him, last time I did he rejected me, but how do I get him to do it (if he likes me)?

We have no contact at all, everything is nonvabal. I don't have his phonenumber, I'm not on facebook, and we don't follow each other on twitter or instagram.


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  • Yes.
    Easiest way would be to strip and motion him to come closer. He'll probably come running.
    He might be unsure because he rejected you once.

    • Okay I'll try that then haha.
      So far my plan is not to reject him and be friendly when/if he approach me in any way.

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    • That's why I'm asking this question. Do you have any ideas? Apart from stripping.
      He did approach me last time we saw each other, I didn't reject him. So I hope it makes him comfortable next time.

    • Just do what you always do when you're trying to grab some man's attention.

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