He and his friend went to the beach with a bunch of girls. what do you think?

this guy and i have been talking for a couple weeks. we're friends but i do like him. we sometimes even stay up at night and talk. he's told me some personal things that no one else knows about. he said he doesn't talk to girls which of course made me happy until last night. his friend was at the beach with a bunch of girls and invited him. he went even though he knew the girls would be there. there really isn't anything going on between us but i'm really upset about it.


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  • Don't be so paranoid and jealous. You two aren't dating anyways. I mean, I get you like him, but if you like him don't tie him down. If you want to spend time with him too, Next time just ask if you can go. No one like insecure, crazy partners that time them down from being the best they can be. And I'm saying this because I use to be the crazy one in my first relationship. I didn't let my bf talk to girls cause I was jealous. If he likes you, then great something will happen. But if he doesn't, then just what happens, happens. Everything will turn out fine in the end. 😊

    • lol no im not "crazy" or jealous" his friend said that the girls were apparently hot and i guess thats what ticked me off a bit

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  • Ok.. Well you aren't dating, so while you can be upset about it, you don't really have a say in what he does. Also, it's just going to the beach :) it's OK for guys and girls to hang out!! Especially in a group!! This doesn't mean people are going to have sex or kiss. I have more guy friends than girlfriends, and I would never hook up with any of them... They're friends. So don't worry about it.

  • You like him. That's clear. And him not inviting you or just flat out going does suck. Since he's not in a relationship with you it sounds like he wanted to hang out and to see who was there. He knows he's got you to talk to for now and until that gets more serious maybe he's enjoying freedom while he has it? That's the only thing I could think of.


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