Is she a Flake, not interested, or honest about making it up?

I met a girl and known her for 10 weeks, saw her once a week, found out we had some things in common and we had some connection. Got her number on the 10th week asked her out, called her 2 days later to schedule for a time the following week. She was going out of town the next weekend so I decided to schedule a date before she left. On the day of our date, I texted her about 40 minutes before "Hey G meet me near this spot at 12:30" then she calls me right away, letting me know she was in a middle of a hassle with her job and had a last minute deadline. She said if we could postpone our date and that she will call me when she comes back from out of town. She even expressed how bad she felt about the situation... So I just responded with No problem, there's always another time...

Now I'm just leaving it as it is... waiting to see if her actions do prove whether she will go that extra mile to postpone and see me again or never see me again... Just want some insight on this, should I wait and see if she calls me back when she comes back from her vacation... or just leave it alone and move on... Also could she really mean it she was busy, or afraid of telling me she's not into me...


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  • just wait and see what happens when she comes back. could have been honest or could have been lying. you can't know right now. just wait and see.


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