Is it ever wise to get into a serious relatinoship or marriage if you dont have your finances down?

i m always reading contracdicting views on the matter. one says a partner can help you and the other says save realtionships for later


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  • Depends on what kind of person you're with I guess. I personally don't care, most of the guys I've dated were jobless and I didn't care. My husband and I are living with my mom (it helps everyone in my house to help each other financially so it's mutually beneficial) we aren't financially stable, and I don't think we ever will be.

    • its true. it depends on the women, i had a material girl and a girl who wouldn't care what i did. times are tough as were still as bad as how the great depression was but everyone seems oblivious to it

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    • yah cheating is a for sure divorce and i feel bad for the kids... even the bible says you may divorce after infidelity... and abuse obviously. its sad divroce rates are 51 percent.

    • That is sad, people say for better or for worse and promise loyalty, then as soon as they distance themselves from each other, they wonder why it's not working. Stupid in my opinion none of my grandparents would have acted like that.

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  • A woman who accepts a guy who does not have a few things going for them is a woman who will be poor her entire life. A man needs to have himself together. It is different if the 2 of you are just getting out of college and have both landed jobs vs playing the game of luck.


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