I am a 19 year old girl with mild C. P, and facing some self-esteem issue right now. Can I get advice?

I've never really had a boyfriend and part of me thinks it due to the mild cp. I walk a little funny sometimes and I do get bullied a lot. I don't consider myself all that attractive but I also didn't think I was ugly till recently. The one boyfriend I've had told the whole school it was a joke due to the cp I didn't find out till after. I really just wondering should I give on wanting to eventually be with someone.


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  • No, do not give up. Right now, boys your age are still, for the most part, immature dolts. There is a guy for you, believe me. Just be nice and be yourself and some guy will see you beyond the CP - especially a guy who knows about CP. You will be loved, I am sure. Don't give up no matter how sad and lonely it may seem. Love always finds a way.


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  • Its Cerebral-Palsy to the boys underneath. Like ifs it chronic pain why would it be mild?
    As to the asker- what a bastard, make sure you get time to know some-one slowly. Overall its all about timing, which may not be right now for you, but I'm sure there are other things to focus on at the moment?, study or work?
    Maybe there are local events going around that you can attend to, to build up connections.
    Remember you're the awesome one, don't let the bullying drag down the awesomess! :)


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  • Honestly don't know what cp is. Chronic pain?

  • Cerebral palsy? what do you mean by CP?

    • Yes I mean cerebral palsy. Sorry I so used to people around me refering to it as C. P

    • Ok. Well I don't know much about it. And you have a very mild condition. Don't give up hope your young high school is tough on everyone. That guy was a dick. You will find someone. Just have a little faith.

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