Should I be embarrassed that I asked him out and he said no?

How should I behave when I see him next?
I asked Him to have a drink with me when he's free and he said yes but not right now as he is "all over the place" after a "messy break up".
What does this mean? Is there still a chance in a few months time? Or will I never hear from him? Will he ever hit me up?
I met a guy through someone I work with... I only pchatted to him briefly but he was really nice and cute and I like him
Apparently he asked about me too and said I was hot.
So I added him on fb and we have been sending messages back and forth.
Anyways I asked him if he wanted to catch up for a drink sometime and he told me that he is keen but now right now... Cos he just went through a messy breakup so he just wants some alone time and time with his mates... He said he would like to when he isn't "all over the place" and that he will contact me when he feels ready...

Is he just not into me? Was this a gentle let down?

Will he he ever contact me or not? It could take years to get over a breakup. I need to forget him hey? He can't be that keen...


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  • It's probably a gentle let down at that. Don't keep your hope up or anything, but he did just had a break up.


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  • There is no reason to be embarrased about it. He didn't even say no to you. He simply told you that he needs some time to recover.
    Anyway, talk to him in the usual way but keep your options open.


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  • He didn't even say no. It also could be that he needs some time after the breakup. Don't look too much into it.

  • Nope, welcome to our world. Dont read too much into it

  • He's probably not ready to move on, keep your options open and talk to other guys.


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