Would you keep hanging with a friend you knew liked you, but you didn't like them?

I asked this question in a different area but I didn't really get the response I was looking for. So this is a basic question.

If you found out one of your closest friends was crushing on you or even deeper and you didn't like them like that, would you step back? Give them a lot of space and go about your own way for awhile. Or would it not bother you and you'd still hug and hang out with them 1 on 1? Just wondering what's a "normal" response for guys (girls welcome to)


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  • When I find something like that out usually I talk to the person about it, let them know exactly when I'm thinking and what they want me to do. So they don't take my hanging out with them as leading them on, and if they do want space - I can gladly give it. I would never just stop hanging out with them, they're still my friend.


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  • I would. The fact that they have an unrequited crush on me doesn't take away from how I view them as a friend. I would make sure I didn't do anything to lead them on or hurt them though.

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