How can I show her my music?

My mom swears on a daily basis that I may be 40 years old because of my taste in music. I like bands and artists like Ben Folds, the Mighty mighty Bosstones, reel big fish, and rush to name a few. But this girl I like has probably no idea these types of music exist. How can I introduce her to the type of music I like without ditching it upon her?


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  • Oh same my mom says I am an old person in a little person's body😂 I like music from the 60s. Maybe you should ask her what she listens to and then ask her have you ever listened to this then pass her one of your earphones and both of you can be jamming out. do it when you guys are alone so it can be more cute, if that's what you want.😉


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  • Just okay it at low volume in the car.


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  • Walk around with a boombox haha or ask her to keep your mp3 safe (if you trust her) because you "have no pockets" ..:P. Or if you can drive, give her a ride and play it on a cd

  • My dad says the same to me XD just ask her what she listens to, and then ease into a conversation about music and if she Says she's never heard it play it on. your phone for her


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