Girls, what is the right way to apporach? Please explain but be detailed?

  • hi, my name is...
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  • hey, are you single...
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  • yo i like you...
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  • Wassgud let me get ur #...
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  • your so beautiful im lost for words...
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  • They're all pretty bad. I'll explain why
    1. Very awkward, if you ask for her name then then she's gonna say her name and conversation is overrr. You've got nothing to talk about then and will leave you in silence. The only way to save yourself then is to talk about her name.
    2. Too straight forward. She's just gonna be like "uhm, yeah?" And conversation is overrr again. You can't even save yourself then, because talking about relationships, why she's single or exes is a red flag.
    3. Again, to straight forward. She's probably gonna run away.
    4. Inappropriate
    5. Awkward and too straightforward. She's gonna say thanks and has no chance to respond on that. So or you're gonna compliment the shit out of her till she runs off or conversation is overrr.
    What is a good way?
    Talk about the thing you have in common then. A friend, the place where you are etc. Give a comment and ask for her opinion, then give a comment again (I recommend you something funny) and get this conversation started.

    • So much work for so little gain, its fucking ridiculous. Now I know why so many good men are single. But I thank you for your explanation.

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    • there's nothing natural about getting someone to be interested in you. Having to convince someone that you're worth their time, being shot down a billion times just to get one yes, it's almost not even worth it. Women will never understand or care what we go through just by apporaching.

    • We women approach as well. If you don't have a lot of charisma, it's hard indeed, but having charisma is something you can learn. But it sounds like you've already accepted yourself as being someone who gets turned down and who pities himself. You have no hope left anymore. I don't really have respect for you people. You don't fight, you give up and complain about it on the internet, while you actually can do something about it. We all have to work on ourselves to get liked.

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  • Just say "Hello" and tell me why you're talking/staring, lol. If I like it, you'll know.

  • "hi, my name is..." Is more casual and sounds less put on

  • Definitely d hahaha or c
    The rest are so job interview or interrogation 😂😟

    When I've gotten approached with d) it's worked if the guy was smiling and being respectful

  • Honestly, girls don't want to feel pressure.. Start out getting to know her, np but still flirt, let her know you are interssted. When she gets the hint, she will act on it or mot. That's how you can tell she likes you. You will be able to tell easily.. For the most part, if you pay attention, girls are pretty transparent in situations like this.

  • A! B and C are more of when you have talked a little. D makes you look like a teenage boy and E I also better for when you know her a little or she's gonna assume you're a playa.

  • Treat her like a lady, complimenting on looks isn't bad but shouldn't be your opening line. Women like to be rcognized for more than just looks. Try to incorporate a compliment later on in the convo once you've heard a bit about her.

  • "Hi, my name is..." is your best bet. If a guy approached me using any of the other lines, I'd feel he's coming on too strong. Hope I helped! :)

    • Why does "coming on strong" set such a bad tone for women, i mean logical thinking would tell you he is either nervous, not use to approaching or he's just over eager. This shouldn't disqualify him. Maybe if women where less judgmental and more understanding how hard it is to approach a smug women.

    • Woah, haha I'm far from smug. I just said I'd prefer if a guy just started out with a simple introduction, because that's what I'm used to. I didn't mean to offend you!

  • Hey *smile*


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