Is her excuse for not being able to have dinner unique?

Yesterday, I asked a girl I'm interested in if she wanted to grab dinner with me.
She said "I already promised dinner with my friend Kaitlyn, how about tomorrow?" and so we made plans for today.

I feel like I'm reading a bit into this, since I know her willingness to make plans with me shows some interest. But that reason for her not being able to eat yesterday evening got me thinking... Is there any subtle meaning behind the answer? I mean, as opposed to saying "I already have plans" or "I'm already eating with one of my friends," could there be any significance behind her saying her friend's name (like "I want him to know about my friends")?
We had dinner and it went well. All that overthinking is really something that just kept me occupied. Thanks!


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  • I think you're over-analyzing the situation. Her excuse isn't unique, it is understandable. She simply promised to have dinner with one of her friends that she couldn't go on a date with you. Maybe her friend has something important to tell her and she has been stressing the date to go out to dinner. The best thing you can do is accept the fact that she has dinner plans with her friend and ask if she wants to reschedule a different day to go out on a date :)


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  • No, there isn't.

    She told you she couldn't go out with you the day you specified because she already had plans and offered a different day instead.

    It means she's not a shit friend that cancels plans the last minute to go on dates.

    Don't try to put meaning into something that has none.

  • This is over-analyzing at it's finest! My goodness...


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  • Nobody will ever know until you meet her for dinner. You are overthinking something that cannot be answered, not here anyway.

  • it could be a genuine excuse but its kinda crappy even if it is. if she cancels for any reason tomorrow then it was probably a lie.


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