There isn't a big age difference but my mom still was upset. What is her problem?

Last night a friend from school asked me out I said ok, told him to pick me up at my grandma's house, he came and my aunts, brother, cousins, and mom were there, he came and introduced himself, my mom told me and him it wasn't happening, because he "too old" so he laughed and left saying whatever.

My mom and aunts were asking why I was going out with a 23 year old... I'm 19, almost 20 I don't see anything wrong with it... and besides they always tell me that I should get out more.

What is her/their problem?


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  • they are stuck in theyre hypocrisy is all. ignore them and go out with him anyway provided he geniuinly likes you and isn't a player.


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  • They should get out into the real world more often.
    They haven't even heard of the 1/2 + 7 rule. 1/2 his age + 7 years = 18.5 years. That's the minimum age girl he should be dating, and you're a year older than that.

    I've been working to that rule for decades, and it still works for me.

  • Just uptight. Mothers never like the boyfriend no matter what. All my girlfriends mothers have absolutely despised me.

    • We aren't dating, we were just going to see a movie. 😑

  • You're an adult you don't need mommies permission

    • My mom is very vindictive...

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  • Well you at that age where you feel like an adult but you mom still sees you as a child. Plus his additide about what your mom says makes it seem like he has no respect for her. Are you still in high school?

    • Freshman year in college.

    • Yea I would just have a talk with your mom and tell her you really like him and you understand if she having trouble letting go a bit but that your getting older and that this is a decision your going to make (word that as best you can to avoid arguing with her). And that will be a tougher situation if your still living with her. But if he really is disrespectful towards your mom then he's not they kind of guy you want to be with.

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