Need some advise with my love life :( ?

so i love my bestfriend... he means the world to me... and yesterday he told me that he likes me as well... but he has a gf so he is a bit confused and he doesn't wanna hurt her... but at same time his love for me is growing so he asked me for some time to think about hat he wants... im always with him and i really do like him...
what should i do?
what should i say to him?
oh and i get a bit jealous sometimes when he talks about his gf... i need some answers coz i dont know what to do


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  • This is a particularly difficult situation. I would suggest patience and caution. You're a young lady and time is in your favor. At the moment, you are best friends, and this is a very nice thing. For now, continue being his best friend. It is up to him if he wants to take things in a new direction.

    • thank you :)
      oh and apparently she doesn't like him that much

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  • Let your friend figure it out. In the end be aware that at your age this is likely to start some drama at school. I have never been in this particular situation but my bestfriend had a crush on me and I never knew so good on you telling him you do. If like you said below she really doesn't like him that much I think you guys will end of being together but don't be a bitch about it if it happens. Be respectful to the current girlfriend, you are the one who is breaking up their relationship at the end of the day.


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  • I was in your situation once, i waited, she was cheated on and called me to console her. I gave her time to heal and made my move.

    • awww its getting really hard to be with him...

    • If you really want him do what i did hide your feelings for the sake of his, be a real friend, maybe even distance yourself i did that at one point too, my point is if he's worth it to you always be there for him, and wait until you have a shot but stay true to a friendship dont get between them he WILL resent you for it.

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