He says he didn't want a relationship right now but he came back?

I was dating a guy for about 4 months last and in December he told me that he liked me but he didn't want a relationship right now because he was not over his ex-girlfriend. I let him go and told him that if things changed then maybe we could try again someday. In February he sent me the "I miss you" text and asked if he could see me. Sad to say we only lasted a week. I felt like he lied to me and used me so I email him a letter that said some pretty nasty and unforgivable things about him (I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me). He emailed me back and apologized for asking me back but still not wanting a relationship yet. He said that I deserved better than him. I forgave him and apologies for the things I said and told him how much he meant to me and that I regret that we didn't work out.

2 weeks later he emailed me and asked me for my number (he told me he deleted it). He started randomly texting me and said he wanted to try to be friends. I asked him if he wanted to hang out and watch movies with me, he said that he was busy with finals and work but he will defiantly make it (we've had issues in the past of him blowing me off so this was a shock). Later in the day he texted me and asks if I would come work out with him. I said okay. Later that day we actually had a real, extended conversation with each other. About an hour later he kissed me and we started making out. We didn't have sex but we got pretty close. We talked for longer while after and he drove me home, kissed and hugged me goodnight. Later that night he texted me that he had a good time (He's never done that before).

But I do see the changes that he's made in just 2 weeks but a part of me is worried.

I don't want to push him and ask where this is going and scare him off. Should I keep going with this or just walk away now to save my self any possible hurt?


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  • I think he's not sure what to do still.


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  • Personally, I'm going through the same exact thing. But the best way to go with this is just to move on and find somebody better. I've been trying to move everyday even though I have to see him twice a week for two hours during class and he sits right next to me and is always creeping over my shoulder.


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