Why is he acting this way?

I have been talking to this guy for almost a month and the beginning everything was fine. We would talk on the phone and we also text a lot as well. Then couple of weeks ago he asked to hang out with him at his house and since he lived like 25 minutes away I told him I never drove on the highway and he told me I can follow him and I also told him there is problem the time we will stop hanging out will be late because the time I'll get to his house it will be close to 8 and driving I can't do because my eye sight is really bad at night so he told me that I can stay the night. So I did he never tried anything he was a gentleman he even told me there are other rooms in the house I can sleep in. Long story short after that night I stay the night he became distance, and it has been almost a month and I see it more and more. A mutual friend of our said some weeks ago he wasn't for sure if he wanted a relationship or just be friends because of he past relationship with his mother of his child. So our texting conversation has been kinda short and I finally got the courage to text since it has been couple of weeks since our friend said he did not know what he wanted so I text him this " Hey, I know you have a lot of things going on in your life and I understand that, but from my end I have to know if you are still interested in me and taking things slow, I have to know where we stand with all of this. He relied back saying "He is picking u his son now and get will get back with me later" this was all around 5 pm yesterday. So I text hi back at 10pm asking how is day was and he never text back and this morning he was online for about 15 minutes never post anything but he still did not text me back. He has his right now, but I still think he would let me know. I just nee advice on what to do. Also if he matter our my age is 24 an his age is 33.
I really need advice on this


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  • There isn't really anything more you can do other than contacting him and trying to be a friend.

    It's up to him what he does, but it would probably be favourable for both of you to meet and talk things out, just so you know where you both stand.

    But again that's really up to him getting back to you. You can't really force anything, only suggest it.


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  • U feel like he has a lot of things to deal with before he gets serious with someone. But I don't know u think you should just be patient if you want something with him if your not willing to do that then just move on.


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  • He hasn't replied so I feel like you shouldn't text him again. Just give him a week and if he never responds then move on.


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