How can we turn you ON?

How to turn you on?
Ladies, what are things that we men can do if we want to turn you on big time. I do realize that every girl is different, so please share what turns YOU on personally.
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Okay. time for yearly update of this question since time has changed and so did people.

So girls and boys, what turns you on the most?


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  • muscles. just. muscles.

    • hmmmm is there a certain muscle you really love?

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    • you're welcome ;D

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • Other than me needing to be attracted to you, it's pretty ridiculously easy to turn me on.

  • Almost anything a guy does can turn me on XD
    Lol but seriously... it can be anything... a lip bite, his stare, his smile, loads of stuff...

    • lol. what's your favorite

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    • im literally the same.. a. lmost anything the woman can do could turn me the fk on LOL

  • I love when men don't overly flirt with me. It's nice to talk and get to know one another and not have all the attention on me/just flirtatiousness. Talk to me about what you're passionate about, or what you're good at, or work, etc. Or seeing a man in his element. Also just to be funny, down to earth, and interesting. Basically don't express that you're into me. I don't know why, but that turns me on when it comes to men. Aside from the physical appearance, though he can look any way if he's got charisma.

    • gosh i just noticed this comment. So you like guys you don't compliment you much?

      I noticed this too in some girls, i think it's because you've been complimented a lot that when someone you find attractive does it makes him look less important or that he's your bytch or something xD?

  • Only guys that I'm attracted to can turn me on.

    • which kind of guys are you attracted to? and is there something specific those guys can do which might make you super horny/turned on

    • All different kinds of guys. I don't have one type.
      And touching my inner thighs is one of the biggest 'turn ons' for me.

    • ahh nice to know thanks :)

  • kissing on my neck,

  • Be confident. Look sexy.

  • Well, there’s a little button on my wrist, see...


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