I miss my crush. Help?

Hi there I have an impossible and inappropriate crush that I tried to forget but I coudlnt for a long time despite not seeing him for almost a yea. r

i started liking him last year and he has shown interests as well. He used to wink and walked pass my work place evry morning just to say hi. But I nvr responded well and wasn't not looking receptive about that. He stopped doing that. And I also don't see him anymore. I kinda miss him a lot. But at the same time, I know it's impossible to be with him. I've tried forgetting him but I guess I'm lying to myself. I get unhappy after that because I know I haven't forgotten him eventhough I tell myself I have to. I've never felt like this before.


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  • Hmm tell me do you force yourself to ignore him, like ignoring texting him first or calling him first?
    Do you act like you don't care about him?
    Be honest:-D

    • Yes definitely. I couldn't even say hi to him properly. I feel so bad now that I'm going home already and will probably not going to see him anymore, I really hope he didn't think that I hated him or what. :/

    • He used to give me the sad face before this when he sees me as if he did something wrong and I'm ignoring him. Ah i rgretted being so cold and evrything that I've done

    • Hmm
      Can you call him or something?

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  • why is it impossible to get him? especially if you say he might be attracted to you. Well i guess if you miss him that much (which happens), you can try staying busy, or just liking someone else to get your mind off of him. Good luck.


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  • I take it by the way you are talking you must either be married or on a LTR.

    • No it's just the age difference. And I'm working and travelling and I'm going home soon. And also the position of trust and evrything, so eveything is definitely not going to be ok.

    • That's tough. I don't have anything to work with here. Age differences aren't an issue for me for the most part ( within reason of coarse ) but distance how ever I don't do well. LDR's are not my strong point

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