Best friend asked me for 1 year anniversary ideas?

my friend has been dating this guy for almost a year and she wants to know what to do for the anniversary. we're only in high school so no bars or anything but i've been dating my boyfriend for 5ish years and each anniversary we go ice skating. neither of them like ice skating so I don't know what advice to give her. help?

10 things he likes:
-sports games
-lime green
-funny things
-milk... xD
-and her xD


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  • What does she like? (Anniversary is the celebration of being together, therefore you should spend it doing what both people like, of course with elements that each individual person likes as well) And what time frame do we have? is it a weekend so we have all day to play with?

    If it's just the activities, then they could start the day off with going to a spa (assuming something she would like, and he may like as well), then move onto something neutral like lunch, then in the evening go for something he likes. He likes movies sharks, skittles, lime green, why not combine them. Get a takeaway or cook a meal, put on jaws or a movie he likes, buy a load of skittles and only fill his bowl with the green ones.


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