Is that usual for a guy to take a girl to meet his friends on a first date?

First date went well and he invited me to come along to dinner with his friends afterwards. I went with him and had fun with him and his friends.

Not sure if he is a player because he wanted to kiss at the end of the date, I can't kiss someone who I just met for a few hours..

What is his motive?


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  • I would say it is better left as an after 3 dates things in general. You want time to get to know each other and get some chemistry going one on one.

    That said though you can probably gather a little information on the player thing by the level of interest his friends paid you. If they remembered your name and asked a little about you then you might be the first girl he's brought around in a while. If they were jut kind of like nice to meet you and things continued with an as per usual vibe then, well he probably has a bit of a revolving door.

    • his friend paid lots of attention to me. She was giving him lots of compliment trying to "sell" him to me LOL and she even wants to look her up on social networking site.

      It was a bit unusal.. first date at coffee shop , then changed location to restaurant and met his friends..

    • Well if you like him enough what do you have to lose from a second date? Only time will tell. He could just be into a really active social scene, so if all goes well maybe settle for brunch dates. LOL

      Doesn't mean he is a player.

    • true, he hasn't ask me out for second date yet. Will see what happens

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  • i guess that's good because it means he's not jealous... otherwise he'd avoid meeting with his friends

    • Can you elaborate? why would it be jealousy if it's his friend?

  • Let's dissect this a bit.

    You met his friends? Seems more like you tagged along with something he had already planned. I am all for friends (after all, they were there first) but on a first date I want to see if I am compatible with my date, not their friends! Friends can come later.

    He wanted a kiss? I see a goodnight kiss after the first date as a confirmation of interest, and a sign that it went well. It doesn't have to happen, but it certainly is good if it does.

    It's far too early to identify a 'motive' from this.

    • We met up for first date for a coffee. I thought it was gonna end there, then he asked if I'm hungry and lke to get lunch. I said sure then he said his friend invited him for lunch and he told them he's got a date. his friend told him to bring the date (me) That's how it happened.

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    • No no, I totally get that too. I'm not a fan of them getting to involved in my life too quickly, it makes me uneasy.

    • yea totally, cos they can be phycho or they can manipulate you

  • Not for me. I don't introduce a girl to my friends until we start a relationship.


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