Girls, 're-connecting with an ex?

Girls , basically had a short term relationship towards the end of last year, My head was in a really confused place ( which I won't go into details ) and we went our own ways. It was her call, but there was no drama/fallout just wished each other well and moved on... had no contact
After 4 months, she is still in the back of my mind, she had an amazing personality.. Would a phone call /text do any harm? Or do you think it's best just to let this one go and keep moving on as I have been, thinking maybe the damage has already been done, not entirely sure myself... thanks


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  • I mean, if you really want something then go get it. Chase it.

    But you need to look at it from this perspective too: You both broke up for a reason. If you really did like her, you would of found every reason to stay. If it was meant to be, it would have worked out. So why would you try and get back with her? Move on. You probably just miss the memories but not her.

    • I had mental health issues relating to a family members death, basically out of no-where I just became emotionally un-available.. I was a confused mess

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    • I am in an a lot better place now

    • Then text her.

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  • Text her. If she responds, go from there.


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