If he doesn't follow through should I just give up on him?

We have been out on a few dates, have been hanging out, hooking up and talking for almost 3 months now. But the problem we have been far from eachother because I'm away at school (2 hrs away) but now I'm moving back to the city so we are going to be close to eachother. I asked him what he thinks about me recently and he said that he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and thinks we really hit it off. I have really started to like him, but I don't feel he's making an effort really anymore. I don't know if its because of the distance? He also texted me 4 days ago saying he misses having me in town and said he wanted to go out on a date the day Im home. ts been a few days and he hasn't texted me. If he doesn't follow through should I just give up?
What should I do if he doesn't contact me before were supposed to go on the date to plan it?


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  • Don't freak out. The girl I'm seeing is a med student, she's often up until three or four in the morning doing schoolwork. We might go a week without speaking but we've never lost touch.


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  • I've been in the situation before where a guy doesn't text me for four days and i start to panic. Honestly, don't. Guys are completely different from girls and are wired differently biologically. he's probably been busy with work or school or whatever. It doesn't mean that he's lost interest in you. Text him tomorrow and ask him what he's been up to and that you miss him. Meet him, and if it feels right tell him how you feel and from there, if he doesn't follow through thats when you give up woth him and move on. goodluck!

    • Its weird tho well be having a good convo over text and hell just not reply midway through for days, like I asked him a question and he just never replied, until I text him or he texts me again a few days later. He's done that twice now..
      And He did say he wanted to go on a date, its in two days, and he still hasn't texted me since, I dont want to be the one asking him again you know. But he did just tell me he misses having me in town.. whatver that means

    • Hm he's probably just playing games. You should tell him how you really feel though before you give up, and ask if he feels the same. Till him you dont want to play mind games anymore because you're not a kid. Tell him you like consistency. You don't understand the fact that he texts you, ignores you, then texts you again. You don't like the viscious cyle.

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  • If you like him don't give up

    • I do like him, and I feel he does too, because I get glimpses of it but he acts so hot and cold, I don't know if its the distance thing. But he did tell me he missed me

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    • but the feel the ball is in his court now

    • Well, good luck then 🍀

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