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He told another girl she was pretty and got upset she wouldn't text him because he thought they could go out for coffee and be good friends with me and him. He literally said that. Then I got pissed off and told him I was through with him and he was like I love you there's no other girl like you! He's like I don't want anyone else! But yet he got pissed because the other girl wouldn't message him because of me?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Get out, what man asks another girl for her number in front of his gf? Thats disrespectful as hell and of course he's going to try to cover his tracks and be like 'uh yeah, so we can all be friends'
    If you put up with that your letting him know he can get away with anything cause your not going to do anything about it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds like a lie, but why would he TELL you that openly if it was unless if you caught him?

    I'm thinking that he said she was pretty to be honest, she thought he was trying to hook up, and he was upset because he might have had a new friend for the two of you... if he told you about the girl.

    If you found out about it on your own, I think he's a sleaze and you should leave him.


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  • If he did it in front of you, it is more likely that he did it innocently. I find it rare that a guy would say, I want to cheat on my girlfriend, right in front of his girlfriend. But, the way he acted, I don't know. It was wrong of him innocent or no, because of his attitude of being rejected. It makes it suspect. Tell him that what he did, but not only that but how he reacted, was childish and wrong. It seems that he doesn't accept rejection too well: a sign of immaturity.

  • He was open to you, and said that, questionable red flag, but he WAS open about it and tried not to hide it,

    I don't know honestly that's a personal call. That's how you felt so I'd stick with it.

  • If my girl said that to me about a dude it'd be splitsville

  • did he see this girl in a FRIENDLY way andonly?


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