Does this make sense?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. I live on the south side and I go to this neighborhood school on the west side and my boyfriend lives over there too. We're only able to see each other in school because of the distance, we hang out before school & a little after school. since I can't hang out with him, he usually hangs out with his guy friends or female friends that he's been friends with before he began dating me.

a while ago, he asked me if we were gonna be able to hang out over the summer. I told him we might on the weekends. he said that if we weren't gonna be able to see each other, he was mostly likely going to have to break up with me.

I honestly believe that, that doesn't make sense. it gets me mad that he thinks that way. I feel like these months have been a waste. what's the point of dating this guy when clearly I'm temporary to him?

what do you guys think? does this make sense to you? what would you do in my place?
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  • I think I would dump the guy. He obviously wanted to spend more time with you, (doing what, who knows?) but he should be more considerate of the distance. I know it sucks. Sometimes people just suck. People always say that long distance relationships never work out, but I've seen several instances where they have. I completely agree with you; why date someone when you know it's temporary? The months you spent with him weren't a waste. You now know how tricky dating can be. All is not fair in love and war.


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  • Seeing that your under 18. He probably isn't looking for some thing serious.


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