I dont know how to start dating. im not sure if there is something wrong with me?

i feel like such a late bloomer. im turning 23 in a few months and i haven't accomplished much. and i haven't even started dating. I've never been in a relationship. i've never done anything. i am so lame!

Even my friends who were just like me in high school now found a s. o. they're happily in relationships or live with their s. o. and here i am being that weird girl i always was. well, i have changed. I get told from many people who know me that i'm mature. i dont feel like i am but I don't know. i just dont do a lot of stupid stuff.

I'm still in college. I decided what i wanted to do late into my college career. it is going to take a long time to finish because of that but im hanging in there. i can say im proud of my choice. its just difficult. i work, and i have better social skills than before. i have friends. and i guess i am pretty likable. i feel like i do look better now than i did when i was younger. people who know me tell me they love me and such and that im so cute and adorable. not sure if thats bad.

the thing that i have trouble with is dating. I don't know how to go about it. i've liked guys and i always thought they didn't like me back. But i was given some advice and now im thinking that maybe they did but i was too indifferent, they may have thought i didn't like them... but I don't know. they probably didn't. but if there are guys who like me and i dont like them back, should i still date them? im getting old here. i feel like im missing out. i dont know how to do any of that. im so clueless. sometimes, i think guys are being friendly but it turns out they like me. and when i think they like me, they're just being friendly. this is so confusing. nothing makes sense.

how can i start dating if i have no idea where to start?


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  • If you hate loud places and don't like being approached in public, there is nothing wrong with online dating. Some people may still see it as a taboo, but with businesses shifting data storage to the cloud, social networks and computing in general becoming more mainstream, it really isn't a big deal.

    Should you date them if you don't like them? It's up to you, and it depends on what you want. Yes you will gain experience, but you will also being stringing them along because you know you don't like them, and if that special someone does come along, will you be able to drop the other guy you didn't like, or would you feel guilty and miss an opportunity? If your intentions are for a long term relationship, then don't date someone you don't like.

    • yeah I don't know about online dating. i dont want to do that. i just dont feel right about it. i'd rather meet someone in person.

      Would i eventually learn to like them? i am so confused about this. i want to give it a try but what if i really dont like them? i will end up hurting them. i dont want anyone to be unhappy.

    • Possible to, but chances are you won't. I'm an advocate for online dating but its not for everyone. :)

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  • start by going to the club and getting picked up. If you look good enough, men will approach you

    • i dont like clubs. i hate loud places. and i feel weird being approached in public. i never know what to say.

    • damn, you are in a quandary. You sound introverted. Do you like the confident men or the introverted men? Because if you are going to meet the confident ones then you will have to put yourself out there.

    • i normally like the quiet introverted guys. I recently liked a confident guy thinking straightforward guys were easier to understand but i am more confused than ever.

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