Kissed my best friend

well this woman I work with I've been friends with her for 3 years. we have always been close very flirty but just friends nothing more. she was married when I met her but recently she got divorced. well a couple of days ago we were working together and just goofy around and wound up kissing each other intimately. we stopped but started kissing again. know the kick is that I have a girlfriend and she knows my girlfriend my mind is all over the place right now I don't know what to do I love my girlfriend but I feel like I crossed the line with my best girl that is a friend. and know cause of it I keep thinking bout the kiss I had with my friend all the time I don't know how to get it out. I talked to my best friend and she says she thinks about it to but its not right. any advice would be appreciated. please don't judge me because we all make mistakes thanks again.


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  • Wow!

    It's so hot that you guys kissed after three years!

    At any rate, you have to think about how you feel about each of these women. You're not married to your girlfriend so you're not bound by any legal documents (which would make your separation a lot easier). This is probably a good time to have a few days alone to think. In the end you will follow your heart and, if you don't, your heart will end up schleping you to wherever it needs to be!


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  • You should ask yourself just how devoted you trully are to your girlfriend and re eavaluate your feelings for you best girl friend at work and see who is it that you care the most about and who do you want to be with more so than the other. Its a tough decision but you that you will have to make, and also ask your best girl friend her thoughts on the subject and ask her just how far would she be willing to take this if it were to continue. But if your best girl friend says she doesn't see anything in it than leave it at that and just see it as a good up and talk to your girlfriend about the incident its never good to hide things from your partner especially matters of this magnitude.

    Best Of Luck