Would you accuse your gf of cheating if she told you she slept in a ridiculous amount of guys and was acting distant?

Emotionally distant has a slutty past I'm talking 30 guys by the age of 17. Sleeping with four guys when she first met me. She would tell me about guys hitting on her. Was I that out of line? She invited. me to a work party then said I don't have to go like 3 times that Day. Then didn't answer phone when I called twice about to leave.


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  • I hate when people slut bash. As long as she was safe what is the problem? That is her PAST and you are holding it against her. And you posted this before. Maybe she forgot her phone, had it on silent, etc. Stop over thinking

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    • Well, 30 guys by the time she was 17, well, let's just say, if she had 30 jobs within 5 years, employers would not hire her because she is too undependable. You shouldn't go with a guy who slept with 30 girls either for the same reason. You don't know if she has an STD. She may not know that she has an STD. But, the guy who posted this, is no saint either.

    • Anyways, you are right, though about one thing, a lot of guys here have a very negative view. But, I blame the guy for going out with her, because he knew her reputation, he was okay with it. He just wanted sex. So, I hold only apathy to the question asker.

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  • id definitely be very suspicious. no you weren't really out of line depending how you went about it, I usually avoid hoes/ex hoes because they are highly likely to cheat and turn a blind eye like they don't/didn't.

    • I showed up with a friend be case I know if I saw somwthing I wouldn't want to go to jail. No one to hold me back. I pulled her aside and asked her. She accused. me of being jealous.

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  • You should just yourselves both a favor and end the relationship. You clearly don't respect her or deserve to be with her since you talk about her in such a derogatory way.

    Maybe she didn't want to pressure you into going if you were in a bad mood since work parties are important networking opportunities. My guess is she was busy with her coworkers since she was, you know, at a work activity. Did you ever just ask her why she didn't answer?

  • Ehhh it sounds suspicious to me.. Think you need to have a talk with her


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  • 30 guys by 17. I've met these kind. The question isn't if she is cheating on you, it's who is she cheating on you with. Sorry bro.

  • I wouldn't accuse my girlfriend of cheating unless I had a reason to actually think she's cheating.

    If she's acting suspiciously, then she deserves to be snooped on until you find information confirming or exonerating her.


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