So can we get rid of the notion that "looks don't matter"?

And face reality and the cold hard truth that looks do matter and no one wants to date someone that is ugly lol.


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  • No one fall in love with personality at first sight. Look attracts us, but its the personality that makes us go deeper :)

    • Personality still matters of course, but no one still wants to date someone who is ugly or completely below their league.

      Looks are want allows someone to look into your personality, if you're ugly it's not happening lol.

    • As I get older I realize that it doesn't really matter. I can date ugly people, if they even exist (coz I don't believe that there are ugly people). As long as we have the same interest and share same faith :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Let people comfort themselves however they'd like.

    But know in your heart that your face game needs to be on point.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Let's just say looks don't matter when you're in love.

    • They don't but here's the catch, what first drew you to that person? Their looks which allowed you to get to know their personality and fall in love with them.

    • Approach (wise) yes but say you were to become friends because you don't actually mind making friends with ugly people (what is ugly anyway?), that way you'd get to know them better and maybe fall in love.

  • Looks really don't matter that much. Personality is way more interesting and a better measure of attractiveness.

    • Is your answer personal or do you believe you're representing the world's population?

    • @This_guy_here

      I can only answer for me since everyone is attracted to different things.

What Guys Said 1

  • yep

    Sorry ladies



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