Why Am I Feeling Like This?

Okay, so I'm a 19 year old college sophomore in Utah and Last October I met a missionary who I later developed a crush on. I knew it was wrong to have a crush on him so I tried convincing myself to get over it and it didn't work. Obviously I'm NEVER going to be with him (He lives in Texas and I'm in Utah). I thought I was over him but when I found out he was transferred to St. George I was SO sad and I had no idea why it hit me so hard! I've dated guys before and still have never felt this way, of course his flirting made every thing worse. Whenever I think about him and how we'll never be together I can literally feel a pain in my chest, no joke! Has anyone else ever felt like this? How'd you get over someone you knew you could never be with 😔


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  • There's no easy fix here; you just have to let time heal your emotional wounds. Meeting other guys can help too, but only when you feel truly ready.


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  • Hey! I know some missionaries and I know a bunch of people in Utah. Yeah, you gotta leave the missionaries alone. They are there to focus on God, not girls. I feel for ya, though.

    • This missionary was such a flirt though! Not just with me but with other girls too! So that just made me feel like I had no worth, ya know what I mean?

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    • Dang, that hurts lol.

    • Lol. I'm sorry. They tend to be really friendly andopen people. This goes for the guys and girls. You might be mistaking his friendliness for flirting. That happens to me. I smile, laugh, joke around, etc with people and I have been called a flirt because if it. It's just not the case.