During dates, not enough to talk about with her? Afraid of silence?

One of the thing that scares me the most is what if I don't have anything to chat with her about?

Oftentimes I miss her and want to message her but I don't have anything to talk about, so I decided not to. Else I would be texting her at least a few times a week instead of once every few weeks.

The first time I went out with her, there was a long awkward period where we were walking together in silence, not quite sure what to chat about. Thankfully we went to watch a movie and afterwards that was a great conversation starter about the movie plot and stuff. But again I'm quite stressed about finding stuff to talk with her about.

It's not that we don't share similar interests but, we're both not very talkative people and get shy easily. :( Any advice?


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  • Do you know her enough to stop asking questions? There are so many things that you can say just by observing your surroundings.

    • Nope actually I don't know her very well haha. Thinking about what you said, actually I should try more stuff outdoors instead of being couped up in a restaurant or mall...

    • If thats the case, then you should deepen your connection with her by getting to know more about her and yes, outdoor activities would be better but you can do well indoors too, if you know how to go on about it.

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