Is this guy not interested?

I matched with this guy on Tinder. He started the conversation with me and we messaged for 2 days straight but never asked for my number but hinted that we should meet up. He has been the most interesting guy I've matched with so far and I really enjoyed our conversations. On the second night I was the one who ended it saying goodnight and he replied with a sweet message. Next day I messaged him again but no reply and it's been 2 days now. I see that he's still active on tinder.. should I give up or message him again?


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  • message again see what happens

    • If I message again would that be seen as clingy? Especially since I don't really know this guy at all! I just like the sound of him so far lol

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    • He messaged me on the second day telling me about this office mishap he had to deal with which was quite funny. The next day I asked him about it and he never replied

    • from what you say i might be right
      he might have not seen it and it would seem weird to continue a flowing conversation two days later
      my advice is to send something new to him irrelevant to any previous things you have said and start fresh

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  • Message does no harm, leave him your number too


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  • Just wait for a few more days otherwise, move on.

  • I would message him again, but otherwise leave it.