Do I need to trust my bf when he say he dont do wrong in our relationship?

I just break up with my bf of one year! I've been cheated, lied and used and being abused by him! then i met one of his friends he got attracted with me wanted to meet me! So we ended up dating and unwinding with each other! But the thing is im scared to trust him fully, and give him full of my attentions! Im scared that he will also cheat me in our relationship. when i call him and when his phone is waiting i feel jealous and doubt that maybe his talking to other girl.. so i always confronted him. but he said pls trust me baby.. i give u true life! Dont compare me with ur past.. because if i cheat u it means i am also cheating myself.. so in this case do i need to trust him too? thanks for ur ideas


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  • He deserves to be given a chance but the thing is
    when you been cheated on, abused and stuff by
    the other guy it most likely is leaving you feel
    that you can't trust the new guy i think you need
    to give him a chance and see where it goes if we
    don't give people a chance than we may be missing
    out on a good relationship that we encounter i know
    it's hard to gain trust after you been in abusive


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  • Trust him but don't trust him blindly. Just don't doubt on him all the time. If he does anything that makes you doubt, just ask him why he does that cuz it gives you the wrong meaning.


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  • Yes, you should trust him. He sounds like a good guy.


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