He ended it with no explanation... I want revenge?

a few nights ago my ex ended it and asked to be friends. When he said that I told him no i can't just be friends with you. He told me I didn't understand him at all. And to just forget it. When I tried calling and texting he never answered.

I think its someone else. How do I get revenge?


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  • Not "understanding him at all" is a valid reason to break up. This might sound stupid since you're still so immature, but guys want an emotional connection too.

    Breaking up doesn't mean there must be someone else better. It means you aren't the right one for him.

    Getting revenge? For what? Being honest and moving forward and not wasting your time? That's immature.

    • Not that I don't understand him but I won't understamd why he choose to be friends. Just the day before he was talking about us and the future and how he wants me to stay but he's not going to keep me if I don't want him but I told him I did want him.

      If I was I didn't understand him I'd get that but it wasn't.

    • Something was either said or not said during that conversation. Whatever it was, that lead him to believe you're not the right girl for him.

    • I know exactly what it is... thanks

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  • Best revenge is to move on. Stop communicating with him, delete everything you had with him. The more you act like you don't care, the better. Keep the control by not showing him you're upset... people only get gratification when they see that their ex is upset.


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What Guys Said 3

  • The solution is to first understand what's happening, after giving it a rest for some time. Revenge does you no good in the long run, trust me, it's just a temporary feeling of reprieve that will leave you the worse off after you've had time to consider your actions.

  • What exactly do you hope to gain from revenge?

    Will that fix any of your problems?

    I sure don't think so.

    • Make him feel like an complete idiot for giving me up? No but it will make him feel bad for hurting me.

    • Well, you won't technically gain anything.

  • Tell him you have got me as your new bf..
    Make jealous his ass. .

    • Lol I don't think he'll care though

    • Make him jealous... :D

      If he is here we can make him... :D

What Girls Said 4

  • You'll only be hurting yourself

  • Revenge makes any good thing?

  • You don't. He's a dick

    • What about women who do this exact thing? What are they?

    • Dick chicks

  • I think you need to chill and not jump to conclusions, give him space and time and then wait till he contacts you, it will be very hard but worth it; and if he doesn't then who cares - move on, you're obviously worth more than being with him. :)


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