What to do after receiving a return text 1 week and half later?

I met this guy two weeks ago, literally ringing my doorbell! he was talking about some info for an electrical company and after he was finish with his "bid" we kept on talking; he was even getting blushed by me and he eventually gave me his number and said "I hope I hear from you". two days later I texted him, asking how he was and giving him my number. He never answered, so I erased his number and forgot about it.

Yesterday, about 1 AM he answers this: "hi beautiful, I'm doing good, and you?, I know is a bit of a late answer, I will make it up to ya, I promise. kisses van J."

somebody tell me, what am I supposed to understand from this text?


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  • He just wants a booty call! Like who the hell texts at 1 in the morning if its not for sex?! I'm not being mean but this kind of thing has happened to me and my friends and is easy to fall for but at the end of the day, if he did like you, he would have texted you the next day/straight away. Even if he was playing it cool, he wouldve waited about three days not a week and a half. Honestly that's a bit of a disgrace. Just don't text back and get someone better!

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