She's never on, tips on when to text, please?

Met a girl at once of my classes few months ago , added her on facebook recently and would like to talk to her and possibly make her my gf , she is a good girl and from a wealthy family ( not millionares or anything but have a lot of money) she's smart and plays some instrument , maybe cello not sure and she's kinda pretty , good body, good fair skin and nice hair and while she's not gorgeous or anything but she is above average , anyway i wanna talk to her and date her , she seemed a little interested the few times i've talked to her months ago and she would sometimes look at me, this is very weird and strange for me haven't done a lot of dating and talking to girls and she's never on when iam on i want to leave a good first or second impression and I don't know if its possible to just send a message and wait what if she doesn't answer? what if the converstaion doesn't flow the way i want it to? its better if she's on but it seems too hard to catch her been trying for a couple days and didn't find her even once on , maybe she has no one to talk to so she's not on a lot maybe she doesn't like facebook , what do you advise me guys?


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  • Quit worrying about freaking facebook and take direct action: Get her number and make a voice call and ask her out. Life's too freaking short to sit around waiting for someone on facebook. Screw facebook.

    • Gotta start somewhere , we're not friends , close or have mutual friends so its weird and creepy if i just call her dont you think?

    • What do you think people did before facebook and texting? Guys would call a girl and ask her out. You've got to take the risk of her saying no. But you don't know until you try.

    • I did ask a girl out before i am not saying it doesn't work , but in this age and with all this technology it sounds too weird and the girls from where i come rarely if ever give out their phone numbers to guys htey barely recognize.

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