Girls, meeting someone for the first time today when do I reveal information?

I've never had a girlfriend and Haven't had my fist kiss. When do I reveal this? Do I not until asked about past experiences or should I on a specific date. Like the first second or third. Please help?


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  • Never let the cat out of the back on the first date.

    • Cool kinda figured but I have no experience so I wasn't sure. When is the best time to tell someone?

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    • People do it all the time. Those who might claim they don't are liars. Plus in your case you just happen to have never kissed a girl before. I don't see where the "trick" falls into. Your case is more of a confession.

    • So Don't tell her but also don't act or say I have more experience than do. What if she asks how long since my last relationship?

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  • I think you shouldn't tell him so directly such like "hey I like you", it will scary her away. But ask her to go out with you more often and see if she likes that. If she likes that, then make another approach such like hold her or something, that will be nature.

    can you help me here? thank you


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