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Hi guys just need some advice. I am wondering how to tackle this and loose chances of a good relationship. In the early stages of dating/relationships its always awesome exciting etc, once the I love you has been said and we are boyfriend & girlfriend the excitement is gone and always have doubts if there is any point and the rush is gone.


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  • Wow. I really hope that doesn't happen with me and my bf. Anyway, what you can do is not spend too much time with him. Just enough. Don't always call him or talk to him online. Have your own life. pick up a new hobbie. Make new friends or reconnect with old ones. You'll have new things to talk about. If you're always talking to him and hanging out with just him then you'll be talking about the same stuff and it'll get really repetitive. Every now and then just make a random plan to do something really special with him. Don't always be the first to take initiative, give him a chance to call you or do things for you too... don't be unavailable all the time either tho.


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  • I hope that doesn't happen between me and her!


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  • I've been in a same situation. What you need to do is start going out with your friends for maybe 2 weeks, he will be wondering what's going on with you and he start doing things with you again. But don't stay sit there and make him more boring be busy all the time for those 2 weeks and see what happen.

    When your out and he calls you don't answer his phone right away also act like you don't care and it doesn't bother you that he doesn't want to do anything.

    Do you leave with him?

    • Well I feel that I do love him , but even though weve been together 5 months it feels like years, I'm lacking the butterfly feeling and maybe should take a break, he pays me attention and is very loving but I feel like the excitement is just no onger there. maybe I'm just not a relationship person and should stick to some dating and break it off with my bf.

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