Girls, I know it sounds bad but what do you do if your female friends are more physically attractive than your gf?

You don't connect with them as well or have the chemistry but they are more physically attractive. I only see my girlfriend as the person I'd want to be with. Will she feel uncomfortable about me having such attractive female friends. They are only friends that's it.


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  • You do NOTHING
    I mean she's your girlfriend, chances are she's already peeped through your social media contact list and seen all your friends..

    She's likely to not care for them likewise they probably won't care for her either "honestly"
    As long as their respectful of your relationship and her there should be no problems

    The only time I've really heard of problems with the boyfriends female friends is when longtime female friends feel some sort of entitlement like "why didn't he choose me, I'm better than her = more attractive" and yeah that's when you have problems

    Not saying your female friends or that all female friends are like this but when someone is accustom to a friend always being single and available
    Throwing a new person in the mix, doesn't work well or at least takes some time to get used to

    • They're not their -__-

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    • Well good luck with that...
      So you're saying you'd stop liking your crush for your friend...

    • No if she liked me I'd give her a chance. But if I had a crush I'd be pursuing at the time I'd focus on her. If I didn't have anyone I'd try a date with my friend that's all.😊

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  • As long as you make it obvious that she is the one you want to be with you'll be okay... BUT if all your female friends are more attractive than her she might feel like you are trying to make up for her not being so much. so you might have to deal with that. if your friends range from hot to average she might be less self conscious and less jealous. But remember these are only possibilities, ever woman is different and will react differently


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