Girls, Anxiety is crippling me, am I doomed to be marooned?

Been single for a while. I've been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome since I was 2 and it's been this big barrier above my head that I can't break, in terms of dating. When I try to approach women or try and do something that is not comfortable for me, my mind freezes, I've been known to make noises in anxiety episodes and my motor skills die.

I just want to have someone to love... it's been an obsession that has been driving me crazy. But if I can't overcome my aspergers and my anxiety episodes, how the hell am I supposed to even ask someone out? I'm fucked for life...
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  • Maybe try counselling so you can know why you panic and how to overcome it. Avoid things that trigger it

    • Been down that road twice now, once for aspergers, the other for anxiety. In both instances, the cases were closed.

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    • So maybe you are shy?

    • I know i'm shy. Any time i've tried to overcome shyness, my brain goes into emergency shutdown and stops most verbal functions.

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  • One of my most notable interests when I was younger was a guy who had Asperger's. It is not something that will doom you. There will be obstacles, it may be uncomfortable for you at times, but there is love for you out there.

  • Maybe try being friendly and getting to know a girl first so you're comfortable with her
    It may become more comfortable in time
    Maybe ask any other aspies you may know, even if it's online for tips?


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