My boyfriend has become obese and I want to encourage him to lose weight; help?

hi everyone,

so when I first started dating my current bf he was a large man--6'3" and 250 lbs-- but a year and a half later, under a stressful school conditions and little cash (he eats fast food most of the time) he's gained weight and now he's close to 300. He knows he has to lose weight because he always tells me how fat he feels. I try to cheer him up because I know it's a tough situation, but at the same time I did like him better when he was thinner. what are some ways I can encourage him to lose weight? I can't tell him to eat healthy because that's not very possible with his budget and as for working out, we could work out together but we have different goals (he needs to lose weight; I'm looking to gain weight). Also I feel like I end up encouraging him to eat more because I pig out all the time in front of him and he joins in. What should I do to help him out?


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  • "I can't tell him to eat healthy because that's not very possible with his budget" Excuses, excuses.

    Also, you having different weight goals is still fine to work out together. You still need cardio right? Do that with him.

    • I don't actually do any cardio, I just do resistance training. Which, sure, he can incorporate into his regime as well but it's not what he needs to focus on.

      It's not an excuse when his friends had to lend him a couple grand so he could get by this year.

    • Nah I don't believe that for a second. Know why? Because my family was borderline poverty and still had the right kinds of food, avoiding the junk. Doesn't need to be Trader Joe's, safeway, or whatever. Those who want to eat right find the way. No excuses.

  • Ask him to make company with you in runing.. he will definitely go with you


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