Guys, Is any vegetarian guy looking for a date here?

Hi, I'm interested in dating / being in a relationship with a vegetarian/vegan guy. I am also a vegan who is converted since 2012. I couldn't find a serious guy to date so far. Sadly i'm 24 virgin girl. I am a good looking smart girl. but being lonely for a long time & some recalled difficult childhood memories made me depressed. I am battling with a mild form of depression. currently on a career break for some rest.

my therapist many times emphasized on finding a love would be a better medicine. As I'm a trying to find a meaningful relationship I understand I failed to find my soul mate so far. I don't wanna be hooked up or one day stand outs. If I do so that would destroy the 24 years waiting for my prince.
  • I am single vegan/vegetarian guy
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  • I am virgin single vegan/vegetarian guy
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  • Voted A. I have been a vegetarian since almost 15 years now, and trying to convert to a vegan. But we reside in different countries, and I'll also be moving away to somewhere far off, within a month or so. Besides, this isn't a dating site as well! :P

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    • let me know how 2 send a message in this site. I tried , it demands level2 + to send a personal message. I simply don't understand what is this?

    • Send you a test message, see if you are able to respond to that.

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