If a girl doesn't feel appreciated by her bf how does she act?

She said she felt worthless with me before. Would act passive aggressive and say everything is fine act distant herself then lash our saying I don't show her that I love or or care. Her distance made. me think she was being unfaithful I accused of cheating and she would in return act like she didn't care to talk to me. Yet lash out randomly. We could only see eachither twice a month because of her parents. Anyways was she just to needy for me you think? I kind of took all the fault when we broke up and I did get emotional because I do care about her but she ended it and didn't want to move out anymore so.. but she was going have to drop her college funds and ever talking to her parents again for me. Guess she didn't trust me to be there for her? I would end up snapping at her because of the mind games towards the end a lot. All her friends say I'm a dick and just using her. Im older more established I don't know. Things got messy I lost control.


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  • Bottom line, if she feels worthless to her bf she will seek attention elsewhere I. e; sleep around. You need to make her feel special!!!

  • https://prntscr.com/6vefgl 100% Unbreakable!

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    • Okay I'm not going to defend her just makes me look stupid but I don't think you understand how girls operate why they act in certain ways. My gut is telling me she wanted attention from me and she would do it in any way possible. You just automatically assume shs cheating. I have a lot of self worth and k ow I'm a catch I don't think she cheated. I'm 4 years older she's 18 and her friends look 12 years old.

    • Don't let feelings overrule logic my friend. You never know.

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