Lately I have been getting no tinder matches and I'm a girl?

I joined just a week ago. During my first day I got heaps of matches with most of the guys messaging me. I only have 3 photos up and they're not selfies and definitely not provocative. (I'm not interested in random hookups). But after the 3rd day of using it my match number became super low. Now I'm getting around 2 matches a day and some days I get none. I don't think I've become pickier as I was always selective to begin with and usually the guys I select I match with.

Also when I tried swiping right for all until my swipes run out I would either get no matches or just one!

I think I'm at least average looking and I've been told by many guys (not just on tinder) that I'm cute and pretty etc.

Is this a tinder bug or am I just plain unattractive? XD


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  • You can't ask whether or not you are attractive (which is basically what you are doing) without providing a picture!


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  • "Is this a tinder bug or am I just plain unattractive?"

    The latter.

  • I like the way you look ;-)


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