Getting confused now.. Please help?

Okay, so I'm talking to a guy over facebook. There's been quite a few complicated things due to my ex, however I think we're over that now. We've been talking for a month now, and the other night we had an argument.. He had reacted in a way that isn't his usual behaviour so I was really confused and worried but also kinda pissed off. The day after, we had talked and he had told me somthing that he hasn't told anyone before. He was basically going through a break down, and he told me before telling me anything that he won't be his usual self after telling me because he'll know that I know more than anyone else kinda thing.. Not even his girlfriend knows any of the things he told me... Anyway, I'm kinda going through a lot and I know I won't fall for him or anything. But, after he told me what he did, and because he's not being himself, we're not talk as much and as great as we did before. We game together, and we did mic before but since the conversation, we haven't. Yesterday he said he needed my help with something and mentioned that he'll go on mic, but he asked if we could do it today instead, and he's said again that we'll do it tomorrow. (he knows if he doesn't want to go on mic that I'm okay with it so he's not avoiding that or anything) .., I just really miss him. Like a lot. And I don't know.. I think I'm getting kinda a crush on him and I know I shouldn't, because he has a girlfriend, and he lives 2 hours from me so it's not exactly ideal xD And I really am going through way too much to actually get a crush on him but I really think I am and I don't know what to do.. I keep getting jealous and weird whenever he mentions something to do with his girlfriend, I don't show it obviously because it's wrong of me but I just really don't know what to do and how to handle this! Please help me?
Oh, also. He keeps saying things like "you love me too much" and just random things like that, and I've backed off a hell of a lot because of the fact that this kinda thing is starting. so whenever he says things like.. that I've said to him that makes him feel good, I've been difficult about it and refuse to admit it. lol


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  • a little crush won't hurt anyone. talk to him more because avoiding each other won't solve anything. he might even start to develop a crush on you once he realizes that you're the one :)

    • It'll make things weird though, because I had promised him I won't be getting any crushes on him any time soon... But I'm also really fucking confused, because when he told me everything, he said he was only telling me because he doesn't want to lose me. But then, he also said that if he told his girlfriend, he'd break up with her because it's that uncomfortable for him... He didn't even understand why he was telling me!! I'm just so confused with this whole thing and me getting a crush will make it worse for me!

    • keeping your feelings in for him isn't helping either. bc it seems like he already knows you like him or else you wouldn't need this "agreement" thing with him. try talking things out.

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