Where would I go to meet a genuinely kind, cute girl?

This is probably a pretty stupid question. There might not even be a reasonable answer out there but any suggestions are good!

I've been thinking about relationships recently and what my ideal girl would be like, the only problem is that I don't get out much. I got really ill a couple of years ago and haven't fully recovered yet... So when I do go out I can't really go far or out for long. So basically, in order to find the type of girl I'd be hoping to meet I'd have to go where I'm most likely to meet someone like that.

The type of girl I'd like to meet would be cute, slightly shy, energetic and excitable. Preferably with an interest in gaming. I'd be looking for someone slightly submissive, very understanding and sweet but who knows how to have fun. Not partying fun, or sexual fun. The type of fun where you can just go out for a walk or go for a coffee and have the best time in the world. So preferably not someone who's on their phone all the time. :P

Like I said, this is probably a stupid question because there's so many girls out there and each one is different but if you guys (and girls) have any suggestions I'd really like to hear them. :)


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  • There's no one place to find a girl like this, even shy girls go out with their girlfriends. Considering your issue with energy I would suggest talking to girls you meet at game stores; basically think of places you would want to go to anyway and strike up a conversation with a girl there, that way you know you have at least one interest in common and if it doesn't work out you still get to do something you enjoy without wasting your energy.
    Wishing you the best for your recovery!

    • Thanks ^_^
      It's a really good suggestion but I'm probably quite a boring person and really I prefer being home than anywhere else. I think my years in bed ended up with me just getting comfortable with being bedridden, so I'm really hoping I meet someone that would energize me and make me want to go and do things with her. Things that I used to enjoy like hill climbing or snowboarding and things like that. :)
      Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely look around some more when I'm at the places I tend to go and maybe strike up a conversation or two with anyone that looks promising. :)

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  • "This is probably a pretty stupid question."

    Correct. Well, that solves that!

    • Haha, yeah, I thought so.
      Still, a man can dream. :P Would have been nice just to be told where to go and find exactly what I was looking for but I guess that would make life too easy, haha.

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    • Sorry, I should probably have been more clear. I meant the people that you find in the fiction section of the library. The ones that go to read for fun rather than to study. Most people might congregate based on activity but a shy person would avoid it. For a shy person the one thing that would ruin their day would be too much social activity. So they're more likely to be in places that don't have many crowds. For example they'd go to a library because it's quieter and no-one would disturb them but they would stay away from a large concert because of the noise and the amount of people around them, as well as the closeness of the people.

    • And this has what to d with your seeking kindness?

      Look, if you believe this, start volunteering. All the kind kids are doing it.

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  • Do you go to college or university? You can join groups and meet girls through that. Or what I do is randomly talk to a guy and introduce myself and make a joke of the situation. Works well for me. I used to be shy talking to guys and now not care much about it.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately I had to drop out of uni when I got ill. I also think that most girls wouldn't react well to a guy just randomly starting up a conversation. Especially if it's the shy type of girl I'm looking for...
      Have you got any examples I could try for starting up a conversation though? :)

    • If you see a girl reading a book. You could ask her about it just say' that book looks interesting, you look drawn in' then ask if they don't mind telling you what's it about. Then start talking about you favourite author or novel, if you prefer another genre. That way yes you are talking and engaging with a girl but also you've gone to your comfort zone. sometimes when I see a guy in a coffee shop sitting by himself, I sit on the table next to him and ask if he doesn't mind me sitting with him because I hate sitting by myself. I think the way girls don't mind a guy talking to them if it's genuine and not creepy. If you're asking or talking politely. Think of them as your friend rather than flirting straight away... flirting happens naturally

    • Thanks. ^_^
      That's some good advice. I think I usually come across as genuine and I'm not really much of a flirt so maybe I should just give it a try sometime. :)

  • You have to come see me! 😁 Joking aside. Library... Coffee house... Quiet places most likely.

    • Haha, thank you. I'd love to come meet you but unfortunately it's most likely I'm in some other part of the world. :P
      The problem with quiet places is starting a conversation. Especially when the people are shy and are probably already doing something like reading a book or are on their computer/phone. Would you have any suggestions for starting a conversation with them? :)

    • Ask them what book they are reading... If on computer or cell ask if they are doing work or pleasure? If work ask them what they do... Etc...

    • Sounds good. :)
      So pretty much, pick something you can see they're interested in or something they know about and take it from there. Thanks ^_^
      Also, I know you were joking but you seem nice so if you'd like to chat a bit more then please feel free to message me. The responces have been almost all positive so I've taken off the Anonymous setting :P

What Guys Said 2

  • China. Japan. Korea.

    • haha, unfortunately I think i'm a bit far away from there. I'm not sure the cultures are so accepting either. :P

  • Outside your house.


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