I said yes now I regret it?

Okay so this guy that liked me asked me out, and I was pretty sure that I didn't like him but I am trying to give him a chance but I don't want to hurt him when it ends because we are really good friends and I don't want that to end but I just don't have feeling in that way for him its been 5 days since weve been dating (I know its not long) and I wanted to give him 2 weeks but im not sure i can without him getting hurt... The shitty thing is that I have a crush or used to and im not sure anymore on his "friend" and they only became friends when the guy found out I liked his friend and I think if I break up with him I won't be able to be friends with either of them and its very diffcult... I know now that I should have said no instead of yes.
Another reason why i wanted to give him two weeks is because other guys go off of how the relastionship played out in highschool so if I broke up withj him right away no one would want to go for a girl who dates and dumps.


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  • that last sentence is bullshit, no one cares if you date and dump, and there's like no difference between 5 days and 2 weeks. just break up with him. you're right you should have said no, but it is what it is so don't drag it out. just break it off. if you were in his situation you would rather just be dumped and get it over with.

    • any ideas how to break it off with him i na nice way?

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    • thank you so much you helped a lot

    • no problem good luck

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