How to get my parents to be okay with me dating him?

I met this guy online about a year ago, and we texted all last summer. He liked me a ton but I didn't fall for him until school started. We decided to meet in person for the first time in November. That was our first date. My parents didn't want me hanging out with him anymore until they met him. I wasn't patient so we hungout without my parents knowing. He was my first boyfriend. I found out he was kind of cheating on me with a girl that goes to his school. Long story short I told him he would never get a second chance with me. I was a mess and my parents knew I was hiding something so I told them everything. They were hurt that I lied to them and that I "settled" for this guy. They told me to block him on everything. As far as they know, I did. But I really didn't. We talked on and off all the time and he recently broke up with the girl he cheated on me with. For some reason I couldn't get over him. And he can't get over me. He has apologized over and over again to me and I forgave him. We want to get back together. My parents are super Christian and want the perfect guy for me. They know that this guy dips and drinks and isn't the best guy. I want him so bad and it scares me that my parents won't ever like him. I had thought about getting on his Facebook messenger and sending a huge apology message to me and then showing that to my parents, hoping that they would be pleased. I turn 18 in less than a month, but I plan on living at home still. And my parents say as long as I live under their roof, I have to follow their rules. Just curious as to what your opinions are and what I should do. What would you do?


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  • Why would you need to send a huge facebook apology to yourself. That's sad and desperate to be honest. if the guy really couldn't get over you, he would probably have already done that (In fact didn't you say he keep apologising over and over). Just move on. Clearly he is no good for you.

    • You're right. I was thinking about sending the message and including that he quit drinking and dipping. It doesn't bother me but it bothers my parents. I know I should forget about him but I just can't.

    • Just try, it would be best! Do what your parents said and bock him and move on... If it he cheated on you once. He'll do it again...

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