Did he make me ask him out? Or did it just seem like it?

So first my guy friend ( we aren't really close we only see each other when our friends are together, we met through a mutual friend ) he went out his way to make sure I had the best early bday and he found out during night time when it was 3 days away and had everything planned the next day. I wanted to return the favor by cooking him dinner and watching movies at first he said no because he doesn't want me because I think I have to return the favor and the conversation was going for 3 mins, and finally I had to say, " would like to have dinner and I will be cooking the food" and he said do I really want to and I said yes and then he smiled and said yes that would be great.


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  • Firstly this cute. Like legitly cute. I think he mad you ask him out so that y'all both know that this is a date and not just "returning the favour" which sounds obligatory more than you WANT to. You asking him was just letting everyone know that you want to do this. If that makes sense

    • Yes it makes sense, and I understood why he said no at first because I know he did it for my birthday and I shouldn't return the favor, but I really like him and that was my excuse to be with him again, so luckily it worked even though I was extremely nervous because I always thought guys don't like me because they never ask me out. Thank you for your opinion and yes it was cute

    • No problem and good luck with your date!

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