Why he kept asking what am are my plans for the day but he is not asking me out?

Had a great first date, he asked for a kiss but I told him I don't kiss on first date. he said he is looking forward to see me next.

Next day he text me to ask what are my plans for the day and he was telling me his plan and saying I should try it someday. I thought he was hitning to see me and I dropped hints that I like to see it. he goes not today but next time.

He didn't officially ask me out for a second date.

What is he doing? Just trying to string me along?


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  • wot if he was busy today actually?

    • he could be, my point is if he is not asking me out today or at least plan for next time. Why did he bother to ask me for my plans for today? Is it to contorl?

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  • probably just wants to know what you're doing.

    • so don't respond to him anymore until he actually plan a date?

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    • right.. now he is inviting himself to my place.. huge red flag... he is a playa.. I will cut him loose...

    • yeah i think he's a player too.

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